badam pasanda
badam pasanda
badam pasanda
badam pasanda

For marination
6 Thin slice of mutton/ lamb
5 Badam (chile hue)/ soaked pilled almonds
1/2 cup Raw papaya/ kaccha papita
2 tbsp Khas khas/ poppy seeds
2 Anjeer bhigi hui/ dry fig soaked for 6 hours
1 small Pyaj/ onion
1 small piece Chopped ginger/ adrak
5 Garlic/ lehsun

Other Ingredients
1 small Sliched onion/ pyaj
water as needed
kali mirch/ black pepper powder as needed
1 tsp chopped ginger/adrak
1 tsp chopped garlic/ lehsun
red chilli powder to taste
2 elaichi/ cardamom
2 bay leaf/ tez patta
1 dalchini/ cinnamon
1 tsp garam masala/ indian masala
1 tsp dhaniya powder/ coriander seeds
salt to taste
1 to 2 big tomato/ tamatar puree
1/2 to 1/4 cup dahi/curd

1. Add all marination ingredients in a jar and make a smooth paste of it and add add mutton piece in it, marinate this for 4 hours or less.
2. For garvy, heat Ghee add sliced onion sautee it until golden brown and add water and add all left over ingredients except tomato and curd and cook it for 4 minutes or until aroma comes out.
3. Now add mutton with marination and cook until it cooked nicely tender and soft.
4. After some time add tomato puree and add dahi and cook on very slow flame.
5. when cooked take out all piece of mutton (lamb) from garvy and drain all gravy with help of sifter, so your will become more smooth.
6. Again pour all this smooth garvy on mutton piece and throw all solid particles of masala (mutton k piece nikal le aur gravy ko acchese chan le chalnise aur iss smooth garvy ko mutton firse me add karle).
7. serve this curry with rice and rotis.


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