corn cob/bhutta
corn cob/bhutta

Corn cob or in hindi it is known as bhutta. bhutta is very tasty dish. It is mainly made during the rainy seasion in India.

It served hot with some topping on it like red chilly powder, salt, cheese, butter and many more indredients which doubles its taste.

Corn Bhutta

    Corn Bhutta


  • 2 sweet corn cobs/bhutta
  • 1tsp chilly powder/ lalmirch
  • salt as needed/namak
  • 2tbsp lemon juice/ nimbu rass
  • 2tbsp butter/ makkan
  • some grated cheese


  1. Roast sweet corn from all side nicely.
  2. when corn is hot and butter some salt,red chilly powder and sprinkle some lemon juice on it
  3. garnish with some gratd cheese and sarve hot.



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