besan ladoo
besan ladoo

Besan ladoo’s is very popular sweet dish in India. This ladoos mainly made during the period of diwali festival or many other festivals too.

Every one likes this besan ladoo. People share this ladoo with each other during diwali.

Kids love to have this sweet ladoo, when we eat them it melts so fast in our mouth and bust in gives sweet flavor.

people also add some dry fruit topping on this ladoos and also add cardamom powder, which doubles its taste.


besan ladoo
besan ladoo


  • 1 cup besan/ gram flour
  • 1 cup powder chini/sugar
  • pinch of elaichi/ cardamom
  • pieces of kaju/ cashew nut
  • 1/2 cup ghee/ clarified butter


  1. In a pan add ghee and melt it and add gram flour(besan) and roast it until become light brown.
  2. Now cool down all besan batter for 1 hour.
  3. After chilled on room temperature it will become thick like rock so with the help of your hands break it down and add sugar powder to it and mix it well until everything combine and become one.
  4. Make starting ladoo’s and round shape and garnish with cashew nuts.


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