Barbeque masala(spice) is very important in every barbeque dish.

Here i have tried barbeque masala in Indain style and it was really very tasty and good to use in any barbeque dish.

This spice we can use as barbeque dressing. Then it may be vegetarian or non vegetarian, its simple doubles the every dish taste.

Lets see how i made it. I hope you will like it.

  • Prep Time -10 mins
  • Cook Time-5 mins


  1. 50gram kashmiri chilli/kashmiri mirchi
  2. 1tbsp fennel seeds/sonf
  3. 2sticks cinnamon/dalchini
  4. 1tbsp black cumin seeds/kala jira/
  5. 1 tbsp black peppercorn/mira powder
  6. 1/2 nutmeg/jayfal
  7. 1tsp rock salt/shenda namak
  8. 1/8tsp food color yellow
  9. 1 star anise/chakraful
  10. 1/2tsp cubeb/cabab chini


  1. Put all ingredients in pan, except rock salt and dry roast them until brown color.
  2. In blender add all roasted spice and blend until powdered.
  3. Now you may store it in an air tight jar and use long time.
  4. Mix this spice in any dish you like.


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