indian garam masala
indian garam masala

Indian garam masala use for vegetarian and chicken recipes.

  • prep time – 6hours
  • cook time -10 mins


  • 2 tbsp cardamoms small green/ilayachi
  • 2to4 cardamoms black/badee ilaayachee
  • 2 tbsp cloves/laung
  • 1 tbsp pepper corns/kali mirch
  • 6to8 cinaamonas  sticks / laung
  • 1 star anise/chakr  phool
  • 3 strands of mace/gada kee kismen
  • 1 small nutmeg/jaayafal
  • 4t05 bay leaves meadium sized/tej patta
  • 1/4cup cumin seed/jira
  • 1/2cup coriander seed/dhaniya


  1. Clean the bay leaf and inner part of cinnamon stick with dry cloth.
  2. Break the nutmeg and check it .
  3. Hot sun dry for a day or dry roast them till you get a nice aroma.
  4. Transfer to another plate and cool thoroughly.
  5. Put all ingredients in the blender and blend it until it get powdered.
  6. Your garam masala is ready. store masala in  air tight container.


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